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The Boy With the Bread - Chapter Three
The anthem ends abruptly. Too soon. I look down and see a group of Peacekeepers waiting for us. Their faces are familiar, yet all I see now is a threat. They may be kind in District 12 but that doesn't change the fact that they're under the authority of the Capitol.
And because of the Capitol, I'm going to die.
I hesitate. Katniss strides forward and down the steps, staring straight ahead in stony acceptance. All her fear and desperation from earlier has evaporated as if it never existed.
She's strong. She knows how to deal with hardship. I'm weak and soft and quaking in my boots. There's no way I can win these Games. She's already stronger than I am.  
I follow her down the steps and a Peacekeeper grabs onto my elbow lightly. He's only guiding me but still I flinch and pull away. The Justice Building looms up before us and the door is opening and then we're inside. I feel strange and removed from the rest of the District as soon as the doors have shut.
I realize I never even
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The Boy With the Bread - Chapter Four
Haymitch lets out an incoherent groan and tries in vain to lift himself from the pool of sick he's fallen into. I wrinkle my nose in distaste. The smell is atrocious, not to mention with every movement the drunk smears more brown liquid onto his hands and clothes. The alcohol we can always detect on his breath smells twice as bad splashed all over the floor.
I glance towards Katniss to see she's already looking at me. She nods almost imperceptibly, and with a resigned sigh I stoop down with her. I grab ahold of one of his arms. With a heave and much grunting, we've got Haymitch on his feet.
"I tripped?" he stares blearily around, bemused. "Smells bad." He wipes a vomit-smeared hand across his nose and I suppress to urge to be sick myself.
I sigh inwardly as I realize what has to be done. "Let's get you back to your room. Clean you up a bit."
And so we make our way slowly down the hallway to Haymitch's compartment. It takes all our combined strength to keep him upright, as he's tripping
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Losing the Mockingjay
Last night she didn't come to me. She went to him. Not me.
She passes right by my family and I and went straight for the Capitol's sex god for comfort. He gave her his rope he's been playing with and they just sat there, her tying knots, him watching, while I just stared from afar, crushed she hadn't sought me out.
I'll never compete with anyone that's been in the Games. I'll never understand their bond because I really, truly don't understand. There's a huge difference between watching them on a television screen and experiencing it. Being in that dumb arena changes you. And anyone who survives that horror is connected automatically. I cannot compete with that! Never!
The only time I ever get her attention is when I'm hurt. I tested out that theory a few days ago. Though the tears that came out of it weren't fake. I have never let myself do that in front of her. I've always tried to remain strong, but it's so hard lately.
I'm torn between wishing I would have volunteered and th
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I'm now the owner of a touch screen laptop. This should be interesting... let it be known that I am not a fan nor impressed with tablets. This on the other hand is not a tablet but a whole computer with memory! I am Impressed.


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